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400+ Campaigns and SEO Placements.

200+ Brand Placements.

100+ Interviews and Graphic Designs for Socials.

We Handle.

  • Brand Elevation

  • Influencer & Brand Collaborations

  • SEO and Link Inserts

  • Communications Planning

  • Media Buying & Advertising

  • Crisis Management

  • Graphic Design

  • Activation & Events

  • A.I. Media 

  • Content Development

  • Influencer & Music Relations

At Branndet, our mission is to empower brands and influencers alike to reach their full potential in the digital and real-world landscape. We provide a dual marketing boutique experience, offering lucrative and niche-focused PR haul unboxings and brand deals for influencers, while helping brands grow their network alongside hand-selected influencers. Our focus extends beyond social media, ensuring lasting careers with endless growth and scaling options.

In addition to our expertise in branding and influencer marketing, Branndet also specializes in sports and music management. We leverage our extensive network to secure gigs and expand fanbases, ensuring a steady outpour of love and longevity for our clients. Furthermore, our dedicated team excels in artist development, paying attention to every detail so that our clients can focus on their craft and talent while we work tirelessly behind the scenes to foster enduring careers.

At Branndet, we believe in the power of partnership and collaboration, and we are committed to providing tailored solutions that drive success and elevate our clients to new heights of achievement.

Our Approach.

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