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Influencer Niche Marketing
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Boost Business With Influencer Niche Marketing

Find the best-matched influencer for your brand on our social media app. Branndet is ad-free for its users. Therefore, our Niche Influencer Marketing strategy is powerful & can get you in front of the right audience to help increase conversations.


Branndet influencers are verified which means:

  • Their content will be pushed by our algorithm to their audience members.

  • Their profiles are recommended to new users.

  • Evergreen Content is activated - Evergreen content is content that stays fresh for a long period of time. With evergreen posts, you are creating search-optimized content that is not tied to current events or that moment in time. These are topics that will engage their audience and serve a purpose at any point in time.

  • Influencers have to pass our engagement test.

  • Be confident that your product/service promotion is reaching real people, in real time.

What Can We Bring For You?

Influencer presenting clothes

Product Placement

Drive-in Audience

Reach & Frequency





Free Tastings

Product Sampling

Freshly Squeezed Juice

Affiliate & Conversion

How Does it Work?

Step 01 - Let's Create Your Campaign

  • Instagram
  • Branndet
  • YouTube
  • TikTok

Step 02 - Choose Influencers


Step 03 - Monitor Your Campaign

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