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How Does It Work?

Download Branndet | Create your business account | Get your account verified | Set your price | Set up your email away message directly to your Branndet account.

Start Receiving Paid Pitches

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A New Way To Do Media

Think about your success:

  • Publicists and Brand Owners can communicate with you, the journalist or publication directly from Branndet.

  • Publicists and Brand Owners can pay a small fee to submit a press release to you directly. Press releases will be available to view in your private messages. Easily send press releases to your email.

  • Publicists, Photographers and Brand Owners can easily submit images to your Branndet page for a small fee. 

  • Make money to consider coverage. Fees can range from $0.99 to $120.99 - you are in control.

  • Be confident of your time and expertise.

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